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Open Cedar Gazebos Exterior Cedar Shutters Three season porches Drawings & Specifications GAZEBOS SHUTTERS PORCHES SPECS

Vixen Hill

The finest exterior products

Unhurried. Unmatched. Unmistakable.

Exterior Shutters

They'll last long enough to someday be considered historic landmarks.

Employing age-old shutter techniques, we create shutters that will last a lifetime. And if your own age-old shutters haven't quite lasted a lifetime, we will recreate them, down to every last historic detail.

A picture of Grey Vixen Hill paneled shutters on a stone home with flower boxes.

Shutter Hardware

Form meets function, with history going back centuries

We know that the hardware on a shutter can be as definitive as the shutter itself, so we offer a large selection of installation hardware. Whether you want fully operable shutters, just the appearance of function, or a simple mount, we've got hardware for that.

An unpainted paneled shutter with S-curved shutter dogs, ring pulls and L hinges.


Escape to nature in comfort.

Enclose an existing porch or build a new one. Vixen Hill's open rails or closed-in inserts install easily to make a beautiful three-season porch. Panels and post interlock allowing for quick installation. Screens and glass panels can be easily interchanged for protection against insects in summer and inclement weather year-round. Best of all, the design is free. Our design team uses your measurements to create a customized enclosure for you porch, balcony or deck.

A white Vixen Hill porch system with open frame and glass inserts attached to a home below a balcony.



Tranquility. Easily assembled.

Make indelible memories or a serene retreat. Create the perfect centerpiece for parties, picnics wedding and more. The delightful reactions start from the momenty you begin to assemble one of our modular Gazebos. It's a legacy that's built in a day.

A Vixen Hill Victorian Gazebo, unfinished, with a two tier roof and floor with trellis

Garden Houses

If you have the view, we have the room.

Create a personal outdoor retreat, safe from insects and inclement weather. A three-season Gardenhouse offers panoramic view with architectural details such as glass, screens and panels that quickly install for beauty, comfort and convenience.

A large White screened Gardenhouse gazebo with Victorian inserts and two tier copper roof


Endless views. Unforgettable events. Infinite special moments. One day's work.

Construct a magnificent pavilion to be the jewel in the crown of your park, restaurant or country club. Our modular design ensures that building it won't take forever, but forgetting it would.

A Vixen Hill Grand Pavilion in white in a landscaped park


Your personal escape. No appointment necessary

Transform your beach wedding into a sheltered experience which creates the perfect frame to the ceremony. Enclosed 3-season cabana have a beautiful roof beam design, creating a perfect space for changing or entertaining by a fireplace while enjoying the outdoors.

Vixen Hill Cabana, cedartone stained, with copper roof, by a poolside


Enjoy the sun, without the shine.

Indulge in shady afternoons and gentle breezes. Cultivate beauty in the garden. Choose a durable pergola made of fragrant red cedar and instantly create a seated sanctuary to rest in or receive guests. Pergolas prove a shaded, intimate retreat that's perfect for backyard barbeques, picnics and relaxation.

An Arbor roof Pergola, unfinished, on a white slab on a lawn


Outdoor decorating that can make the indoors a little jealous.

As the doorway to your own personal paradise or a meeting point there, one of our Arbors create just the right touch of comfort in the open air.

A white Vixen Hill Entrance Arbor next to a flower bush with pink flowers


Making the first impression a memory, starting with the front door.

First impressions can last a long time, especially when they're Vixen Hill cedar doors that are built to last Let's face it; an aluminum door doesn't cut it when your shutters are made of the world's finest cedar Turn your attention to detail and leave a lasting impression, with a cedar door and authentic hardware.

A Vixen Hill Screen door with Chippendale inserts on a stone home



It's beautiful at the top

They're the crown jewel on your home, church or other structure. Vixen Hill cupolas can let the air in(and out), adding beauty to anything it tops while giving a building a way to breathe.

A square Vixen Hill cupola, with louvers, painted white with a weathervane

The finest wood you'll ever find

Western Red Cedar

From the great northwestern Canadian wilderness to you

Deep in the heart of the Great Northwest Canadian Wilderness, on Vancouver Island, a tree grows. Not just any tree, but the Vixen Hill Cedar tree. The finest cedar in the world. Why? Because in this rugged Canadian wilderness, anything that isn't robust enough to thrive doesn't survive at all. These cedar trees are subject to a short, intenst growing season and a long, fierce winter. The result is a wood of a higher grain density that resists all that toxin, fungi and insects have to throw at them. When the time is right - and only then - the cedar is ecologically harvested, thereafter making it's way to us at Vixen Hill, just outside of Lancaster, PA - and ultimately, to your home.

A ground level picture of a tightly wooded Vancouver Island forest

Our own lumber mill

Poor milling can lessen the best wood in the world - anywhere but at Vixen Hill

There are two very bad words at Vixen Hill. They are "Kiln drying". Kiln drying forces the moisture out of the woods grain at an abnormally fast rate, leaving you with stressed, pithy wood that has a tendency to bend and warp. So, why allow someone else to mill your wood and kiln dry? It diminishes the wood but saves time and money - an unacceptable compromise at Vixen Hill. So unlike any other producer of wood products, we mill the wood ourselves and have done so since 1980. We air-dry it, allowing moisture to evaporate naturally. That ensures the finest wood in the world stays that way.

A number of images from our mill, showing the lumber and machines we use

Sustainable supply

We work with nature, not against it.

Vixen Hill cedar wood comes from one of the most strictly managed forests in the world. We refuse to buy exotic or endangered woods. Our cedar is totally renewable and environmentally correct - and our process of air-drying saves energy.

A forest with the sun shining down through the trees
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