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Rotting Shutters? Tips on selecting shutters that are truly rot-resistant.

Rotting shutters are not unusual even when they’re made of rot-resistant woods. “Incredibly, cedar, teak, mahogany and cypress will rot if they can’t dry out,” says Chris Peeples, owner of Vixen Hill Cedar Shutters. “Moisture trapped in wood grain, especially in warmer climates, allows bacteria to breed voraciously. The inherent natural toxins that prevent rot […]

Vixen Hill announces an innovative new addition to the Arbor family – the exclusive, Pent Arbor. The Pent Arbor provides an affordable exterior makeover that can be installed in hours for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Vixen Hill, the leader in authentic outdoor shutters and gazebos proudly announces their newest innovation – the Pent Arbor. A Pent Arbor is a decorative trellis structure mounted horizontally on a garage or the house itself. The design adds an aesthetically pleasing 3-dimensional garden aspect to the home that filters sunlight and allows for the […]

Shutter Dogs: A Hook with a History

Perhaps there is more that meets the eye when it comes to the small metal structures that hold the shutters of a window in an open position. Shutter dogs are commonly known to offer function and decoration to shutters, but they also allude to the history of a house as well as the traditional architecture […]

“Come Play at Our Place.” Porch Systems you can design and build yourself.

There are several companies that manufacture pre-engineered Porch Systems. Most can be found online with Google or similar search engines. The type of porch you select will depend on a number of considerations. Do you intend to use the porch year-round and what type of “feeling” and look are you seeking? Many “Florida room” designs […]

Helpful Tips for Hanging Exterior Shutters. Preparing for Hurricane Season.

Hanging Exterior Shutters We found this great, informative post on hanging exterior shutters at For shutters that stand the test of time – visit to design your own. Why Hurricane Shutters are Needed With hurricane season approaching, it’s best to consider sold wood panels such as Vixen makes for protection. Standard shutter dog […]

Vixen Hill Gazebos – Strong Enough to Withstand the Worst Hurricane in a Generation

“It’s all in the wood preparation and engineering,” says Chris Peeples, president of Vixen Hill, when speaking about why a few of his gazebos held up against Katrina, one of the most infamous hurricanes in history. “The before and after photos are amazing, however, and most importantly, our hearts go out to the people who […]

Five Weekend Makeovers that Turn Backyards into Retreats With New DIY Products from Vixen Hill suggests five weekend makeover projects that can turn backyards into retreats. These Vixen Hill products are easy to assemble and most can be designed and ordered online. “Today’s homeowner wants to connect with the outdoors,” explains Christopher Peeples, President and Founder of Vixen Hill. “They want to take control of their own environment in […]

Perfect the Patio with a Vixen Hill Pergola

President Barack Obama recently proclaimed June as National Great Outdoors month and Vixen Hill is encouraging everyone to get outside and enjoy the backyard again. “You don’t necessarily have to go rock climbing to enjoy the outdoors. It’s as simple and close as your own backyard,” says Chris Peeples, president and founder of Vixen Hill. […]

Tips to design the perfect storybook wedding gazebo.

An essential element to any backyard wedding is the gazebo, which gives everyone a focal point, it houses the bride, groom and celebrant as they exchange their vows, offers shelter from the weather, and even after the wedding; the gazebo is a mainstay in the backyard garden, a place to relax and read, play cards, […]


What’s eating you? Mosquitoes? Rid your backyard of these pesky, biting bugs this summer by hanging an environmentally friendly Vixen Hill bat house. Bats are known to eat their weight in insects, particularly mosquitoes. And hanging a man-made Vixen Hill bat house helps cultivate these nocturnal, insect-eating mammals. Bat houses are a smart, “green” way […]