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Five Weekend Makeovers that Turn Backyards into Retreats With New DIY Products from Vixen Hill suggests five weekend makeover projects that can turn backyards into retreats. These Vixen Hill products are easy to assemble and most can be designed and ordered online.

“Today’s homeowner wants to connect with the outdoors,” explains Christopher Peeples, President and Founder of Vixen Hill. “They want to take control of their own environment in a way that’s positive and improve the home they’re in. Especially if today’s real estate market has made renovation a priority over moving. Finally, our stressful lives require balance and creating peaceful spaces in our lives helps to achieve that balance point.”

Cabana_6x4Makeover #1: The Outdoor Cabana

Visit a resort without leaving home. Create a year-round clubhouse for entertaining and relaxing with friends. Make a yoga room that doubles as a poker room. Whatever the reason, or season – these stunning Cabana houses provide a tranquil focal point that’s both beautiful and functional. A 12’ x 16’ Cabana with no floor, copper roof and screened inserts will retail for $11,945.

ShowercabanaMakeover #2: The Outdoor Shower
Warm, luxurious water… soothing night air… the aromatic scent of cedar – transform backyards into outdoor spas with a garden hose and an outdoor shower from Vixen Hill. Melt away tensions after Vixen Hill’s outdoor shower melts the mud, sand or sea off the dog and the kids… a 4×4 outdoor shower retails for $5,830.

EconomyMakeover #3: The Rustic Gazebo
Get away from it all without leaving the backyard. A gazebo from Vixen Hill creates a peaceful oasis and a central place to create memories or occasions such as weddings, family photos, reunions and weekend barbeques. A rustic gazebo starts at $5,400 for a 9-foot gazebo.

After - Perfect place for relaxing, reading and entertaining.

Makeover #4: Sleeping Porch
Turn off the air conditioning and settle in for a relaxing evening of cool breezes with a Vixen Hill cedar porch system. Vixen Hill helps provide free design plans for porch enclosure systems that can be customized for three season or year-round use. These easy-to-install porch inserts are available in a variety of styles and price points whether they are used as a dining room, entertainment area or sleeping porch.

Pergola_1Makeover #5: Pergola
Outdoor kitchens are all the rage – but who wants to cook under a hot sun? Pergolas naturally filter light so one can enjoy the outdoors in comfort. They also provide a beautiful anchor for climbing plants that can add to the beauty of an outdoor kitchen and deck. An arbor roof pergola starts at $6,765.

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