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Tips to design the perfect storybook wedding gazebo.

Gazebo_10An essential element to any backyard wedding is the gazebo, which gives everyone a focal point, it houses the bride, groom and celebrant as they exchange their vows, offers shelter from the weather, and even after the wedding; the gazebo is a mainstay in the backyard garden, a place to relax and read, play cards, or just enjoy the outdoors. “Many of our customers select the 12 ft. Victorian, two-tiered gazebo for the backyard weddings,” says Chris Peeples, president of Vixen Hill. The Victorian gazebo offers unique ornamental frets or rungs that are perfect for decorating.

“A wedding is such a special occasion for the entire family and we want to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need for a memorable affair,” says Peeples. “Purchasing a pre-fabricated gazebo for a wedding or to enhance the backyard landscape is a true investment. If a customer has more than one child, multiple weddings could be in the future and having these events at home could be a huge cost savings,” he adds.

Traditionally, gazebos were found in parks or on large estates. If a homeowner wanted a gazebo, he or she had to hire an architect and a builder. It was a long and expensive process. Today with Vixen Hill, the superior quality pre-made kits are extremely affordable and easy to assemble for anyone who is a little handy with tools.

Deliverable in 4 to 6 weeks, the Vixen Hill gazebos are easy to put together. “If there an existing surface such as a deck or concrete slab, two people should be able to assemble the gazebo in a day,” he explains.

With detailed building plans available online, the engineers at Vixen Hill ensure that customers have every piece of information necessary to successfully build their dream gazebo. “If there is a question, our experienced customer service representatives are here to help,” says Peeples. For customers who aren’t the “do-it-yourself type,” Vixen Hill can recommend local expert installers to help with the project.

Vixen Hill’s website makes selecting and designing the gazebo simple. Extras such as electrical outlets, steps, newel posts or a trellis can be easily added online, which gives a preview of the final product. The website is equipped with a calculator that automatically tallies the price of each component while designing, so there are no hidden or surprise fees when purchasing the gazebo. “And if price is a concern, this feature allows our customers to know the cost up front,” says Peeples.

Made from durable western red cedar wood, Vixen Hill gazebos are naturally resistant to moisture, decay and damaging insects. These structures are built with expert joinery and quality craftsmanship to withstand harsh weather and are guaranteed to last for years. Peeples comments, “Cheap roadside gazebos are not made to last and can even blow-over in strong winds.”

And Vixen Hill wood products are unique because they are air dried naturally. The wood is not forced dried in a machine. “Air drying the wood helps prevent cracking, ensures that the grain is more attractive and retains its natural repelling elements against insects and water,” says Peeples.

For more information on designing a “storybook” stayathome wedding gazebo, visit Gazebos start at $4,325. Online specials are available.

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog and that is a very nice garden gazebo.
    We get terrible winds sometimes and I like curtains on my pergola so would appreciate the info.
    Thanks so much! Nancy

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