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bat_house_sm_fullWhat’s eating you? Mosquitoes? Rid your backyard of these pesky, biting bugs this summer by hanging an environmentally friendly Vixen Hill bat house.

Bats are known to eat their weight in insects, particularly mosquitoes. And hanging a man-made Vixen Hill bat house helps cultivate these nocturnal, insect-eating mammals. Bat houses are a smart, “green” way of reducing annoying mosquitoes in the backyard. “The bats will come out at night and snack on these blood-sucking mosquitoes, so you can enjoy being outdoors this summer,” says Chris Peeples, president of Vixen Hill. “Bats have highly sensitive radar and they do not like to come near people. You won’t even know they are around.”

Hanging a bat house is a better alternative to using bug spray, which has an odor, needs to be continuously reapplied for effectiveness and some active ingredients can be potentially harmful to kids. “With a bat house, you should notice a decrease in mosquitoes so you can stay out as long as you like without being bothered by the bugs.”

A typical bat house is about 18 inches long with a slanted roof and built with two narrow slats at the bottom where the bats enter and exit. “It basically looks like a thin mailbox,” says Peeples. The house is intended to replicate tree bark that pulls away from the tree. This is where some bats are inclined to hide or sleep.

bat_house_bl_fullExperts from the Bat Conservation Organization, recommend hanging the house at least 15 feet from the ground on a tall pole, rather than a tree. And to position the bat house so that it will get at least six hours of sunlight because bats like to sleep in a warm house. They also recommend painting the house black since the dark color retains heat generated throughout the day from the sun.

“We use scraps of our western red cedar wood to make the bat houses that come in natural or black,” Peeples adds. Scrap copper is used for the roof. “It’s just another way that Vixen Hill remains eco-friendly by recycling every bit of product that we use.”

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