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Arbors add curb appeal! Cedar is great for plantings!


Vixen Hill offers classic arbors made of Western Red Cedar that add beauty and charm to gardens, backyards or entry points. Vixen Hill Arbors are crafted from the finest quality cedar available to endure a lifetime of use and their modular design allows for easy assembly in a day.

An arbor adds beautifully to the landscape of a home and it’s functional bench seating can be used for a place to relax or to meet. Climbing vines or trellis on a Vixen Hill Arbor also provide shade.

“Garden arbors by Vixen Hill create vertical design lines in the garden, adding essential height and offering a warm porous surface for climbing flowers and plants to flourish,” states Christopher Peeples, President and Founder of Vixen Hill. “Western Red Cedar provides a durable and beautiful material that’s perfect for arbors. It’s natural and highly durable. You can finish it with a stain or color to blend with other outdoor structures or let it age gracefully. It’s a stable structure as well that doesn’t need to be anchored with cement or iron and can be moved as needed. Plastic or metal structures may be more affordable, but they will not provide a good surface for growing plants and may need to be anchored firmly to the ground.”

The Vixen Hill Arbor is available in two styles as a meeting point arbor or an entrance arbor and can be tailored to fit the needs of the consumer. Vixen Hill offers a variety of options for each arbor and range from $2,015 – $2,775.

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