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Builder Tip: Making Homes “Porch Ready”

“Here’s a tip that builders and contractors love to hear,” advises Christopher Peeples, founder and president of Vixen Hill. “At no additional cost, they can make homes ‘porch-ready’ by using modified header beam – called a Dittmar Beam – in their open porch design. This makes a future three-season porch upgrade a snap. A three-piece header-beam may be marketed to the homebuyer as a free ‘porch-ready’ upgrade. Once the beam is in place, a modular Vixen Hill Porch System is easy to install… in just a few hours. It’s a great way to build additional post-market sales after the community has settled in,” concludes Peeples.
About Dittmar Beams
The “Dittmar Beam” is a Vixen Hill proprietary variation of a header beam, designed to facilitate easy retrofit of three season porch panels. It is a simple “sandwich” of three 2 x X planks, that forming a U-channeled header beam for roof rafters on top and tenoned posts below, that seamlessly accepts Vixen Hill Porch Panels. Importantly, there’s no additional expense for these beams. Interested builders and contractors should call Vixen Hill for more details at 800-423-2766.

About Vixen Hill Porch Systems
The Vixen Hill Porch System allows three-season porch use while retaining the look and feel of a traditional porch. Unlike Florida and Four-Season glassed-in additions, a porch is not considered living space and code restrictions may not apply. Screens and tempered storm glass can be swapped from the inside while a wide variety of architectural inserts enhance the look from the outside. Whether historic, modern, new or retrofit, only Vixen Hill offers such versatility in a pre-engineered package that’s as enduring and beautiful as it is easy to install.

Interested builders should visit to see this and other innovative outdoor products – all designed for turnkey installation and long-term customer satisfaction.

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