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Vixen Hill’s New Green Mudroom Makes $ense!

Vixen Hill, maker of fine outdoor products, announces the introduction of modular mudrooms. These practical, small additions save energy, help improve a home’s indoor air quality and provide much needed storage for every family member. Vixen Hill is the only manufacturer whose mudrooms can be customized for either new or existing structures. Best of all, the new mudrooms & vestibules are pre-engineered for one-day installation and can be designed online at


“Mudrooms are a hot item for remodelers and builders,” states Christopher Peeples, founder and president of Vixen Hill. “Small renovation projects that are green and healthy are highly desirable. The Vixen Hill mudroom saves energy as it insulates the home from that cold blast of winter or hot summer air. The ideal mudroom has two doors – one exterior door and one interior door leading into the home – a perfect barrier to keep heating and cooling systems more efficient. In addition, the mudroom serves as a buffer zone – preventing contaminants like dust, dirt, mold and allergens from entering the home’s air.”

According to Kiplinger’s, the mudroom is the “new family command center” with storage lockers to hold coats, shoes, boots, backpacks and more. Built-in benches, key hooks and charging stations for phones, iPods and game systems are all popular interior features. Some mudrooms even offer a dog shower (Vixen Hill has an outdoor shower that can be incorporated as part of a mudroom design). A Vixen Hill mudroom can be as simple or as elaborate as the homeowner desires – a green, healthy improvement with storage space that makes $ense for their needs.

For more information and to design online, visit
Customized mudrooms start at about $4,179.

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