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World’s Finest Cedar Siding

  • Old Growth Cedar
  • Self Spacing Alignment Bead
  • Clear Vertical Grain
  • Designed For Quick Installation
  • Williamsburg Edge Detailing
  • 10% More Coverage
  • Drip Edge to Shed Surface Water
  • Wolf’s Claw Aeration Grooves
  • Factory Direct to Builder
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Priced at $14 per linear foot
  • Coated Back for Moisture Protection
  • Storm Resistant 5/8” thickness with 5" Face
  • Patent Pending
  • Profile

When deciding between stucco and siding, nothing sends a clearer message of quality than wooden siding. And no wooden siding boasts more reasons to purchase than Vixen Hill's proprietary Williamsburg Engineered Cedar Siding. For a quote, contact Ian at 610-286-0909.

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