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World’s Finest Cedar Siding

  • Old Growth Cedar
  • Self Spacing Alignment Bead
  • Clear Vertical Grain
  • Designed For Quick Installation
  • Williamsburg Edge Detailing
  • 10% More Coverage
  • Drip Edge to Shed Surface Water
  • Wolf’s Claw Aeration Grooves
  • Factory Direct to Builder
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Priced at $14 per linear foot
  • Coated Back for Moisture Protection
  • Storm Resistant 5/8” thickness with 5" Face
  • Patent Pending
  • Profile

When deciding between stucco and siding, nothing sends a clearer message of quality than wooden siding. And no wooden siding boasts more reasons to purchase than Vixen Hill's proprietary Williamsburg Engineered Cedar Siding. For a quote, contact Ian at 610-286-0909.

Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding

While similar to German siding, it is milled to include a self-spacing alignment bead for quick installation.

Western Red Cedar Siding

How Should I Finish Western Red Cedar Siding?

Red Cedar Siding can be painted, stained, or left natural.

Self Spacing Cedar Siding

What are Recommended Cedar Siding Widths and Profiles?

Vixen Hill Western Red Cedar siding is 5/8" thick and naturally high in toxins that resist rot and insects. There's a finished flat interior, Vixen Hill's siding has aeration grooves on the inner surface that is precoated for immediate installation. Additionally, the exposed siding surface is 5 inches which offers a superior exterior coverage and "look" somewhere between 6" and 8" siding.

Vixen Hill Cedar Siding

How is Red Cedar Siding Maintained?

Vixen Hill captures the best aspects of all varieties of siding with the exception of routine maintenance. Every five to seven years, the siding will need spraying with dilute Clorox solution to kill mold and mildew. All other sidings will also require similar treatment but with greater intervals. But the overall look of cedar is as authentic as the wood is real. It'll easily outlast all other types of sidings

Beaded Cedar Siding

Why Choose Vixen Hill Custom Cedar Siding?

Vixen Hill's is the only cedar siding that features a fully milled backside, which incorporates a self-spacing alignment bead for quick, easy installation. We also include aeration grooves to wick away moisture for enhanced longesvity.

Cedar Siding Installation

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