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Slide Bolts and Ring Pulls

Slide Bolts and ring pulls are intended to keep a shutter locked in the closed position when they are shut. These pieces are crucial to make truly functioning shutters operate. While not neccessary if the shutters will never be operated, they are fully visible when the shutter is in the open position, and are prominent visual details.

Slide Bolts

Slide bolts lock the shutters in the closed position, and are vital for shutters to actually shut. One half of the bolt goes on each shutter in a pair. Bolts are fully visible when the shutters are open, and can provide a very noticable visual contrast.

Our slide bolts are Galvanized Carbon Steel, with a black powder coating. They measure 2 1/8" tall, with an overall length of 12 3/4" The large portion of the bolt side measures 8 3/8" wide, with the smaller half measuring 4 1/8" wide.

Slide Bolts

12" Slide Bolt

Technical diagram $48.00

Stainless Steel Slide Bolts

Stainless steel slide bolts use an identical design to standard slide bolts, with a body of stainless instead of galvanized steel.

Stainless bolts are constructed of 304 Stainless steel, and are black powder coated.

Stainless Steel Slide Bolts

Stainless Steel 12" Slide Bolt

Technical diagram $58.00

Ring Pulls

Ring pulls are used for operating the shutters - when closing a pair of shutter, the ring pulls are used to hold on to the shutters while locking them.

Rings pulls are black powder coated cast iron.

Ring Pulls

Ring Pulls - Screw Eye (2/Set)

Technical diagram $9.60

Ring Pulls - Plate Mount (2/Set)

Technical diagram $19.00

Sill Catches

Sill catches are typically used with Acme/Lull and Porter Hinges. One piece mounts on the shutter, and one piece mounts on the window sill, and together they hold the shutters in the closed position.

Sill catches are supplied as unpainted cast iron, and will need a coat of corrosion protecting paint before use.

Sill Catches

Acme Lull & Porter Sill Catch Unfinished(2/Set)

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