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Shutter Installation Hardware

We offer a full range of hardware for exterior shutter installations to fit any design. Whether you're looking for truly functional shutters, or just the decorative appearance of it, we have hardware that will work for you. Our hardware is primarily constructed from black powder coated mild steel to match the look of traditional wrought iron. We also offer a limited lineup of stainless hardware for corrosion resistance, and other materials where appropriate.

Shutter Hinges

Picture of an L hinges Hinges allow shutters to rotate, which is vital to their function. Some hinges are complete by themselves, though others require pintels and holdbacks. Shop for Hinges

Shutter Pintels

Picture of a plate mount pintel Pintels are attached to the home and provide the barrel on which hinges rotate, and are required for standard hinges. Different pintel styles allow for installation of similar hinges in different mounting conditions. Shop for Pintels

Shutter Holdbacks

Picture of an S-curved shutter dog Hinges shutters need some kind of hardware to keep them in position. When the shutters are open, the standard method is shutter dogs - iron ornamental pieces that are highly visible from outside. With a variety of differrent facing style, the dogs are the easiest place to personalize your shutter hardware Shop for Holdbacks

Slide Bolts and Ring Pulls

Picture of a 12 inch slide bolt Slide bolts and ring pulls are a key part of truly functional shutters - the ring pulls are used to hold the shutters when closing them, and the bolts lock them in place. They're also prominent visual details, highly visible when the shutters are open. Shop for Ring Pulls & Slide Bolts

Other Hardware

Picture of a sill hook Because every installation has it's own complications, in addition to the standard pieces, we also offer some more uncommonly used pieces. Shop for other hardware
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