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Shutter Pricing Guide

Base Shutter Pricing

Vixen Hill shutters are priced per pair. A pair of shutters have bace price of $121, plus $20.27 per Square Foot of area. The is also a boxing and handling fee of $18.15. For example, a pair of shutters 32 x 55 has a surface area of 1,760 sq. inches, or 12.2 square feet. So it has a base price of $121, a handling fee of $18.15, plus ($20.27 * 12.2) or $247.74 for a total price of $386.89


Vixen Hill offers factory priming, or factory priming plus painting. Pricing is by square foot of surface area, and whether or not the shutter has louvers. Shutters without louvers are $4.25/sq. foot primed, or $12.10/sq. foot primed and painted. Louvered shutters are $4.84/sq. foot for priming, and $13.92/sq. Foot primed and painted.


Louvers other then our standard 1 3/8" Louvers have a one setup charge of $90.75, covering all shutters with that size louvers in a single order. Flat blade louvers with Trim have an additional charge of $121.00 per pair.

Custom cross rails

Custom rail widths cost $24.20 per rail customized, per pair. Custom rail locations also cost $24.20 per rail per pair.

Other Options

All other options are priced per pair, as listed below

OptionCost per pair
False Tilt Rods$21.78
False Tilt Rods with Mouse Holes$39.93
V-Grooved Panel$90.75
Outer Stile Beading$24.20
Outer Stile Rabbeting$24.20
Beaded Overlap Rabbeting$48.40
Inner Stile Beading$90.75
Vertical Center Stile$175.45
Solid Archtop$60.50
Full Archtop$242.00
Board & Batten Archtop$84.70
Heavy Duty Board & Batten$36.30
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