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A no cost addition that adds comfort and saves hours of labor

Elverson, PA - January 2009 - For nearly 20 years, Vixen Hill has kept the construction of their Dittmar Beam for Porch Systems a company secret. Now, architects and renovators can easily make the Dittmar Beam part of their Vixen Hill porch design at no additional cost. This innovative beam technology is a simple solution that allows the post tenons to be connected "in shear" as opposed to "butt-joined" with unsightly fasteners. Wiring can be invisibly channeled into the 1.5" slot for receptacles for either interior or exterior lighting. And if the posts are placed in 3ft., 4 ft. or 5 ft. multiples, the structure is "Porch System ready." That means that at any time, the homeowner or contractor can install a modular Vixen Hill Porch System in just hours.

"We like to encourage builders and architects to incorporate this simple technology into their designs so that homes may be "porch ready" in the future," states Chris Peeples, founder and president of Vixen Hill. "A porch system is a great add-on or home improvement project that can be done pre- or post construction. Porches add valuable useable space to a home for outdoor dining, entertaining or added space for a playroom or relaxation. The Dittmar Beam technology allows the flexibility to beautifully and quickly enclose a porch and create a lifetime of memories in mere hours."

Here's the Dittmar Beam Secret Recipe!
The Dittmar Beam, a Vixen Hill original since 1990, is a "sandwiched" header beam fitted together using two 2 x 6s or 2 x 8s together with a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 between - making sure to justify it to the top of the flanking members. That's it - a simple solution that allows for a beautiful home improvement project later on without the need for trim work & panel stops.

The Vixen Hill Porch System's NEW Online Builder.
The Vixen Hill Porch System consists of pre-engineered modules made of rot resistant cedar or cypress. Panels are designed for simple installation to the post/Dittmar Beam configuration. The panels allow 3-season porch enjoyment using interchangeable screens and glass. And, have the added benefit of adapting architecturally using exterior panel inserts.

Nothing could be easier than designing a porch to incorporate a Porch System. And, nothing could be more fun than designing the porch online with the NEW interactive CAD design palette found on the website. Click & play to create real-time quotes and architectural views of exactly what you want.
Think "Dittmar Beam" and make your porch designs both clean and simple.

Since 1980, Vixen Hill, nestled between Valley Forge and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has specialized in high-end, premium-grade western red cedar products. Inspired by the picturesque views of the Pennsylvania countryside, a team of engineers and craftsmen design Vixen Hill's own unique line of modular gazebos, gardenhouses, pavilions, teahouses, porch systems, outdoor showers, cabanas, arbors, pergolas, shutters, screen doors and proprietary hardware. The company's sales and design staff works directly with architects, builders and homeowners to find the perfect modular designs for their clients. Go online to design, build and order custom units that can be constructed with or without the help of a contractor. Contact Vixen Hill and learn more about their quality products, call: 610-286-0909 or log on at

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