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Elverson, PA - January, 2009 - The hottest design trend is customization - whether it's a custom protector for an iPhone or the custom shutter for a historic house. Now Vixen Hill customers can personally design every feature of their exterior shutters at the company's online website, With just a few clicks, customers have the power to choose from various shutter styles, limitless color options, as well as intricate details such as personalized motifs or cutouts along with multiple hardware preferences. "This is where old world meets new technology," says Chris Peeples, President of Vixen Hill. "We want our customers to feel in control when purchasing their shutters. It's a very individual decision, from the style, the color, the wood thickness to the hardware. Our clients are making a personal statement for their neighborhood and the world to see, so it's important to get it right." Peeples says.

Unlike other websites that only offer an online catalog or simple tools to select color options, Vixen Hill's website takes the process one step further. Along with the ability to select uniquely customized shutter characteristics, the website is equipped with a calculator that automatically tallies the price of each component while designing, so there are no hidden or surprise fees when purchasing the shutters. "And if price is a concern, this feature allows our customers to know the cost up front," says Peeples.

In today's economy when money is tight for major remodeling projects, homeowners can find that a simple and affordable way to update or transform the outside of their home is by replacing or adding exterior shutters. This decorative and aesthetically appealing detail adds elegance and personality to any building or house.

Better than most vinyl or assembly line made shutters, Vixen Hill shutters are custom-made of durable, insect resistant wood, which stands up to the elements and looks more genuine than man-made materials. This is especially true with the Vixen Hill's new Tudor Shutter Collection, which utilizes 2-inch thick red cedar or cypress wood when authenticity is a priority.

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Since 1980, Vixen Hill, nestled between Valley Forge and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has specialized in high-end, premium-grade western red cedar products. Inspired by the picturesque views of the Pennsylvania countryside, a team of engineers and craftsmen design Vixen Hill's own unique line of modular gazebos, gardenhouses, pavilions, teahouses, porch systems, outdoor showers, cabanas, arbors, pergolas, shutters, screen doors and proprietary hardware. The company's sales and design staff works directly with architects, builders and homeowners to find the perfect modular designs for their clients. Go online to design, build and order custom units that can be constructed with or without the help of a contractor. Contact Vixen Hill and learn more about their quality products, call: 610-286-0909 or log on at

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