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Three Season Porches

Custom Three Season Porches – Build New or Retrofit

Since 1980 Vixen Hill has reinvented many products of yesteryear. In 1992 the Three Season Porch System was introduced for people who loved outdoor living … without the pestilence of bugs or the discomfort of inclement weather. Unlike four season rooms, the Vixen Hill Porch System was designed to maintain that “traditional porch feeling”. The design was based on old-fashioned wooden screen doors where screens could be exchanged with storm glass. Vixen Hill took the Three Season Porch design further by making porch wall panels that not only accepted screens and glass but also architectural inserts - providing the flexibility of both a screened porch and a true 3 season room. Vixen Hill’s modular porch design coupled with diverse design options allows customers to match any historic building. Whether in Vermont, South Carolina, Alabama or Tennessee, nothing will serve your screened porch needs better than a Vixen Hill Porch System. Don’t settle for a sun deck, sunroom or open porch when you can have the convenience and beauty of a Vixen Hill Three Season Porch.

3-Season Rooms vs. 4-Season Rooms

So That’s The Difference!

A 3 Season Room is not considered additional living space while a 4 Season Room or sunroom is. Building codes almost always require permits and construction considerations because Four Season Room additions are livable space. This dramatically increases bottom line costs while also increasing tax assessment. Code requirements drastically change the overall ambience of the space from an outdoor escape to just another room. However, four season enclosures do have the advantage of being usable year round. Related structures such as sunrooms, greenhouses and conservatories are best suited for growing plants or rainy climates. It’s important to first decide on whether you’re looking for additional living space or for a space to share with the outdoors. A three season room can provide virtually the same usability and functionality, while significantly reducing construction costs and other building considerations.

Pre-engineered Screened Porches

The Advantages of Modular Porch Systems

Vixen Hill pre-engineered cedar porches are factory built to the highest standards using durable cedar milled in our own factories. They are unlike similiar to Florida sunrooms in flexibility while offering a more affordable alternative. Discounts and specials combine with a knowledgeable sales staff that will help design the best porch for the best price. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always add storm glass and architectural inserts later. In most cases the Vixen Hill Modular Screened Porch System can be installed in a single day. Use our online software to design a new porch or retrofit an existing one. For more information, download our Three Season Porch Catalog or create your own custom porch with our Three Season Room Designer