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Porch Systems and Enclosures

What is a Porch System?

A Porch System is a kit consisting of pre-engineered interlocking wooden modules. Together they make enclosing an existing porch, or creating a new one, simple. Design considerations maintain the “feeling” of a traditional open porch while keeping out insects. In cooler weather, add tempered storm glass window inserts.

Which Construction Materials are Best Suited for Porch Systems and Enclosures?

The choice material for Porch Systems and Enclosures is a hybrid selection of wood types combined with composites such as Azek and/or Exteria. Porch systems constructed entirely of cedar are also popular options. Varied wood species (cedar, pine, poplar, etc.) are selected for use in areas where moisture can most affect the durability of the product. Proven areas, from decades of observation that have the most exposure, have composites laminated to them. These include the bottoms of posts & wall panels. Additionally, all thresholds are solid composite since they are used in direct ground contact.

What Options are Available with Vixen Hill Porch Enclosures?

Unique to this Porch System, are insect screens integrating a variety of architectural inserts, plus tempered glass for seasonal temperature changes. These allow three-season flexibility for outside dining and entertaining. Architectural inserts allow the unique ability to harmonize with surrounding architectural designs.Additionally,Vixen Hill porch system inserts are interchangeable you so can add different inserts or exchange the existing design, even years down the road.

What is unique about Vixen Hill porch systems?

Durability and flexibility while maintaining the basic feel of a traditional porch are the “mission” of this system. Flexibility in design allows customers to work on-line designing porches of varied shapes and heights. Taller porches include wall panels with transoms. Your personal online porch design can quickly become a finished kit, delivered as modular components that go together in a single day. Start a design today, save and revise the design as you have time using the FREE propriety porch design application for new porch systems or retrofit porch enclosures.

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