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Custom wall components only. Doesn't include roof or floor. For new construction where a roof will be constructed on site.
Custom wall components only. Doesn't include rood or floor. For retrofits of existing porches where some existing construction limits porch design.

Porch Enclosure System

Get factory-direct porch enclosure systems for retrofitting or building new enclosed porches.

If you plan on a place for outdoor living at your home, then the best way is with a porch or patio. These have been part of American architecture since the founding of this country. Unlike England which was rainy and cool, the Eastern coast of America offered a comfortable climate for spending time outdoors. But, open areas like these offer no protection from weather and bugs so homeowners covered them with a roof. Perhaps you already have a covered porch?. If so, you can add insect screens to keep bugs out. Some people even add plastic or removable glass panels to serve as a barrier against wind and cold weather thus giving them extra room for entertaining. Design and build your own "outdoor room" to create a home-destination for great views and gentle breezes. Inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) screening of an existing porch can be done with a roll of screen and a staple gun. Care must be taken to not ever tear installed screen because of the labor involved to fix it. In Winter, clear plastic can be stapled to the posts and removed in the Spring. Though stapled screen and plastic are affordable and effective, cheap solutions like these can cost more over time, especially from a labor standpoint. They also don't offer the flexibility and "smart finish" available with other methods. In the early 1900s, wooden storm doors were used to build enclosed porches because the screens could be removed for repair and glass frames inserted in the Winter. The resulting modular look was better than stapled opaque plastic and screen, but these porches were limited to what could be built using 36 x 80 screened storm doors.