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White Background Red Paneled Shutters adorn a colonial style stone home Functional Paneled shutters provide security and adornment to any home. A fully function shutter installation with Slide bolts and ring pulls allow for true shutter operation Window Flower Boxes and cedar shutters are a timeless combination. Classic panel styling provide a bold yet subtle class to modern windows. Darker shutters give contrast and character to a white stone building. Cedar Shutter and a pent arbor provide a traditional feel to any home Full Louvered shutters on a brick dwelling create a classic style. Vixen hill hardware and window boxes further accent the styling provided by our exterior wooden shutters Authentic iron hardware completes a functional shutter installaion. Board and batten shutters, in square and archtops give a more rural feeling to a home. A traditional mix of paneled and louvered shutters - just like our forefathers had. Traditional or modern, Vixen Hill wooden exterior shutters are appropriate on any home. Real wooden flower boxes further accentuate a window. Stately paneled shutters give depth and character to a brick home. Decorative shutters provide visual detailing that gives a home personality. Cut outs, combination shutters, and other special options are available on Vixen Hill Shutters Real Wooden Shutters Traditional Cedar Exterior Shutters Fully Functional Window Shutters Traditional Craftsmanship meets Modern Expertise in Vixen Hill's factory A mix of louvered and paneled shutters serves to provide security on the ground floor and ventilation on the top floor. Red shutters and black hardware provide a counterpoint to brownstone homes. S Curved Shutter Dog, Ring Pulls, and L-Hinges Long arm S-Curved Shutter Dogs Rosette Shutter dogs in lag mount and plate ring pulls Long Armed Shell Dogs, Ring pulls, Slide Bolts and L hinges Forged Curled Shutter Dogs, L hinges and screw eye ring pulls A shutter used as a shower door. French Creek Golf Club Shutters. Red Vixen Hill Shutter installed on a home. Robert Shackleton Playhouse Twitter and PayPal executives each bought the same house. Could it have been because they both have Vixen Hill Cedar Shutters?

Exterior Shutters from Vixen Hill

Traditional Quality and Historically Accurate Shutters

Exterior shutters from Vixen Hill are handmade from clear, select #1 or better air-dried western red cedar. The shutters are assembled with old world craftsmanship using authentic mortise and tenon construction. The tenons are secured in the mortises with solid teak through pegs.

Our exterior wooden shutters are available in all the traditional styles you would expect. We also offer a full line of traditional shutter hardware.

The Rebirth of Real Wooden Shutters.

In 1980 Vixen Hill began crafting real wooden shutters because they were nearly impossible to find. Fiberglass and colored plastic shutters had virtually monopolized the shutter industry during the building booms of the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, the attempt to replace traditional wood shutters with synthetic materials had inherent problems. Difficulties included window size mismatch, harmful and inaccurate mounting practices, fading and repainting issues. Vixen Hill’s solution was to go back to traditional pegged mortise/tenon joinery with improvements unavailable in earlier shutter designs. First, Vixen Hill built a wood mill to process the world’s finest cedar from British Columbia. Next it offered shutters to match window sizes using strong hidden joists. The result was a historically accurate shutter made of rot and insect resistant wood, designed to discourage water and insect penetration. Virtually all shutter companies emulate Vixen Hill’s designs and superior craftsmanship. And, buying clout and milling expertise allow Vixen Hill to offer the best quality at the best price. Before you commit to other shutter companies, take the time to explore the world of Vixen Hill.

Shutter Don’ts and Do’s

Don’t believe that plastic, metal and high density foam shutters outlast wood. Plastics and foam are not enduring because of differential surface temperatures and ultraviolet attack. The front and back of darkly painted shutters can have temperature differences of 100 degrees on southern exposures. This causes warping and failure in surface finishes. And when it comes time to refinish, try repainting plastic! Metal shutters eventually oxidize beneath the paint and must be wire brushed and primed before repainting. Salt air can be especially fatal to metal-clad shutters.

Don’t hang shutters flat against the wall. Whether wood or synthetic, there needs to be air circulation! Allow an inch or more between the back edge of the shutter and the window frame. Additional benefits include interesting shadow lines and a three dimensional aspect that tells observers that the shutters are real.

Don’t hang shutters with louvers angled down when they are open. Do hang them with louvers angled “up” to discourage bat & insect nest-building. This will also allow them to shed water when they are closed.

Don’t try to be too “original” in selecting shutter styles. Traditional exterior shutters were installed with paneled shutters on the bottom to keep out the prying eyes of thieves while the second story windows were louvered to allow hot air to escape. And when you see “horns” on paneled shutters, that was allow some air to enter the bottom floor for fresh air circulation. Also, mid-shutter cross rails were typically located to reflect the dividing line between window sashes.

Selecting Shutter Hardware

Nailing shutters to the sides of your windows often makes a negative statement about your home. Though shutter hardware adds to overall shutter costs, there are inexpensive alternatives to “high end” shutter hardware. Vixen Hill offers several different grades that can give the right look without the costs. Stamped is least expensive followed by Forged/Cast then Hand-Forged.

Hand-Forged shutter hardware is mostly used in historically accurate restorations. Rattail shutter holdbacks or “shutter dogs” with edge peened strap hinges were typical below the Mason-Dixon line. Cast dogs were used mostly in Pennsylvania while “S” dogs were found in New England. Whether choosing simple tie-backs, slide bolts or hinges or historically accurate hardware, let Vixen Hill help find what you need. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find it.

Use our online custom shutter builder and pick different shutter styles, panel options, finishes and more. Then order online. Of course, Vixen Hill Design Counselors are also available in our showroom or by phone to assist in measuring, fit, shutter hardware and with recommendations for your exterior shutters that best suit the architectural character of your home.