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What makes Vixen Hill Shutters the best you can buy?

  • Best Materials

    Vixen Hill does not use random lumberyard picks and varied species. Its private lumber mill saws cedar tree-trunk cants for the tightest, most vertical grains. Air-dried for six months, the cedar is then precision milled to military standards and assembled into finished products. It's the world's best western red cedar and is rot and insect resistant while offering the highest strength to weight ratio of almost any wood.

  • Best Construction

    Reliable Vixen Hill ConstructionVixen Hill's traditional proven joinery uses wooden pegs, tenons, mortises and rabbeting it their products. That's because centuries of testing have proven these to be the most reliable way to join things. Stainless steel, brass and glues are used sparingly when needed. Only Vixen Hill includes angle-beveled horizonal cross rails so you can't see through the shutters. Vixen Hill's eye for detail and construction methods are simply the best.

  • Best Detailing

    Details availableVixen Hill's angled shutter cross rails and vertical grain are just two of the details that make us unique. Our design proportions follow the "Golden Rule" of design, making the product experience comfortable and visually pleasing. Vixen Hill products are orchestrated, not simply random concoctions of man.

  • Best Finish

    Finishing colorsVixen Hill has forty years of coating application experience and are experts on painting cedar. Vertical grain is primary to coating adhesion because it promotes penetration and eliminate the onion-skin delamination you'll find with other manufacturers. This is the primary reason Vixen Hill mills for vertical grain. Sherwin Williams paints ares used mostly on colored shutters for color matching and manufacturers 25 year warranty. White structures including include Porch Systems get spot varnished if knots and other defects are allowed, then primed with a 100% acrylic to prevent extractive bleeding. After the primer coat has dried, they are given two additional white top coats and hand-sanded for surface defects.

  • Best Hardware

    A variety of shutter hardwareVixen Hill offers a huge variety of hinges, pintels and shutter dogs, excepting only the the extremely obscure items sometimes suggested by others. Much of Vixen Hill's hardware is American made and authentic to different periods. For non-operable shutters, anything from the highest end to the budget end is available. Copper and free aluminum capping are also available and suggested. Vixen Hill even offer bullet-catch mounting systems. Plus, only Vixen Hill offers "Looks Authentic" hanging hardware for plastic shutters. Great it right when you ask for our help.

  • Best Shipping

    Vixen Hill doesn't try and make a profit by inflating shipping costs. Actual costs in material labor and freight carriers are calculated and added to your shipping total. Vixen Hill is heavily vested in getting your shutters to you undamaged. We don't have the time nor do we want to waste material in "remakes". Feel confident that Vixen Hill offers the very best and should be asked for a quote before you settle for any one else's disasters.

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