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Vixen Hill Garden Structures are built with rot-resistant Western Red Cedar. Our structures have a modular design for quick and easy installation, and include the neccessary hardware. On some structures, a conrete base (not included) is required, and will need to be constructed on site.


Gazebos are open air structures without screens, in Octagonal shape.

9 Foot Gazebo

Relax in style inside the 9’ Gazebo with Victorian Style balusters, mounted directly on concrete slab with cedar shingles, and beautiful weathered cedar.
Starting at $5,900.00

12 Foot Gazebo

This mid-sized 12’ Gazebo is shown with a double-tiered open lath roof to allow for more sun exposure (also available in single-tiered, standard roofing materials include cedar shingles over lath, or standing-seam copper or aluminum).
Starting at $7,400.00

15 Foot Gazebo

The 15’ Gazebo is the largest of the 4X4 construction design (any unit larger is 6X6 construction and called ‘Pavilion’ sizes 21’, 24’, 27’ or 30’). Shown with an optional 2-tiered cedar shingle roof and ascending rails (not included).
Starting at $11,500.00

Economy Gazebo

All our structures are also available in Economy grade. These forgo some detailing, have more varied hardware and allow occasional tight knots in the wood. These minor compromises save you an average of 8% - shown here is the starting price for a economy 9 foot gazebo. Picture shown is 12 foot Economy model.
Starting at $5,100.00

8 Foot x 11 Foot Gazebo

Our smallest elongated Gazebo model is 8’ x 11’ and only available with single-tiered roof, shown with floor and 12” trellis skirt
Starting at $6,700.00

11 Foot x 15 Foot Gazebo

Our mid-size elongated Gazebo. Shown with optional floor and step(not included).
Starting at $9,900.00

14 Foot x 19 Foot Gazebo

The largest elongated Gazebo model, shown without floor, 2-tiered cedar shingled roof.
Starting at $14,800.00


Gardenhouses are octagonal structures enclosed with screeen inserts, which can be exchanged with optional tempered glass inserts.

9 Foot Gardenhouse

Our smallest Garden house is a cozy retreat in an outdoor environments, safe from the insects. Shown with cedar shingled roof, removable Victorian trim screen inserts, floor with 6” trellis and white finish.
Starting at $7,700.00

12 Foot Gardenhouse

Our mid-range Garden house seats 4-6 people around a table, shown with optional copper roof, hinged window inserts and lower solid panels.
Starting at $9,200.00

15 Foot Gardenhouse

This Garden house provides a spacious interior for 6-8 people around a table. Shown with removable Chippendale trim inserts behind which are the removable tempered glass inserts, 2-tiered cooper and white painted finish.
Starting at $13,300.00

8 Foot x 11 Foot Gardenhouse

The smallest of the elongated gazebo line, shown here with cedar shingled roof and cedartone stain
Starting at $9,300.00

11 Foot x 15 Foot Gardenhouse

The mid-size elongated model 11’ x 15’ shown here without the floor system, single-tiered cooper roof removable lower solid panel and upper grid inserts.
Starting at $11,600.00

14 foot x 19 Foot Gardenhouse

The largest elongated Garden House with floor and 6” trellis, hinged window inserts and lower raised panels, has weathered for many years and turned the cedar into a grayish color.
Starting at $15,000.00


Pavilions are our largest structures. Similar to our gazebos, they are open air octagonal structures, built on a larger scale with thicker materials for enhanced durability and grandeur.

21 Foot Pavilion

Our small pavilion still ranks in at an impressive 21 foot diameter. Shown with optional copper roof and white finishing, and a special order stair rail.
Starting at $21,700.00

24 Foot Pavilion

A mid-size pavilion. Shown with optional Queen Anne style rails and frets, white finishing, brass newel balls and ascending rails.
Starting at $26,000.00

27 Foot Pavilion

Our 27 foot pavilions create an impressive silhoutte with their large scale construction and grandeur. Shown with optional 3 tier copper and entrance ascending rails with copper newel balls.
Starting at $28,100.00

30 Foot Pavilion

Our largest pavilion is appropriate for the most distinguished destinations. Show with optional white finish, two tier cedar-shingle roof and newel posts.
Starting at $30,400.00


Cabanas are similar to our Gardenhouses, but have a rectangular shape instead of an octagonal. As with Gardenhouses, they are enclosed with screen inserts that can be swapped with optional glass inserts.

8 Foot x 12 Foot Cabana

A small cabana appropriate for backyard use. Shown with custom doors and windows, optional white finish and copper roof.
Starting at $9,500.00

12 Foot x 12 Foot Cabana

A medium sized cabana is appropriate for poolside use. Show with optional copper roof, victorian inserts and cedar tone finish.
Starting at $11,800.00

12 Foot x 16 Foot Cabana

Our upper mid-size cabana can serve as a backyard escape, as shown here with optional divided light and panel inserts.
Starting at $13,900.00

16 Foot x 16 Foot Cabana

Our large cabanas will work as the centerpiece to any setting you might choose to enhance with them. Shown here with optional victorian inserts, cedar tone finish, and aluminum roof.
Starting at $16,400.00
Prices shown are for base models without additional options. For a quote for your specific design, please call us at 610-286-0909, and we'll be happy to provide one.
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