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Wood Grain and Your Shutters

Few shutter customers consider wood grain when buying real wooden shutters. Yet, aside from species and design, grain is the third most important consideration because it affects both coatings and how the shutter weathers. Think of an onion when you envision how grain is involved. If you side-cut the onion, you get shells of flat onion layers ... but if you cut the onion across it's ends, you see parallel layers representing the edge-cut of multiple shells. With wood, this vertical grain is desirable because it doesn't delaminate along with the paint as the shutters weather. Additionally, having tight grain where layers are dense further increases both strength and durability.

Vixen Hill has its own wood mill and buys the world's finest tight grained cedar. We then "rip" the wood yielding nearly 100% vertical grain. Only Vixen Hill takes shutter construction so seriously as to tend to this third most important consideration in making truly remarkable shutters.