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The Purposes of Shutter hardware

In a way, a Shutter isn't truly a shutter without functional hardware. It's the hardware that allows shutters to shut. For the uninitiated though, it can be an intimidating subject, with a suprisinly large variety of pieces that serve different functions in different conditions. And it's difficult to learn everything because truly functional shutters are so rare today. So let's take a quick look over hardware, and what it's actually for.

For a shutter to be fully functional, there are 5 parts that are absolutely required.

  • Pintels
  • Hinges
  • Shutter dogs or other holdbacks
  • Slide Bolts
  • Ring Pulls

Pintels are the pieces that attach to the home, on which the hinges rotate. At their most basic, they are a vertical pin and a method of attaching it to the home. The most common types for mounting on a flat, vertical wooden surface plate mount pintels are the simplest to use. Lag mounts are more flexible, allowing mounting to masonry or uneven surfaces, but are a bit more expensive and harder to install.

Hinges are the companions to pintels. They sit on the pintel and allow rotation, while supporting the shutter. Most hinges are L shaped - this allows the hinges to connect to the shutter close to the top or bottom, while still allowing the pintel to be further away from the edge to account for the length of the pintel barrel. Without the bend, the pintel would be mounted lower then the window, and might encounter difficultiues with the house geometry.

With both hinges and pintels, Offset is an important concept. On pintels, offset is the perpindicular distance the barrel sits from the home. On plate mounts, this is fixed, but lag mount pintels can be adjusted. Or hinges, it is the perpindicular distance from the mounting point on the shutter to the center of the connection to the pintel barrel. When the shutter is opened, the two offsets both go away from the house, so the shutter will sit off the home a distance equal to the sum of the two. When closed, the distance from the pintel mount to the outside of the shutter is equal to the pintel offset minus the hinge offset

Shutter Dogs or other holdbacks are used to keep the shutter in place while opened, so it doesn't blow around and receive damage. The mount to the home at the outside corner of the shutter when open, and hold it firmly.

Slide Bolts are simple sliding bolts, that lock the shutter in place when it's closed. They're also compltely visible when open, and are often used aesthetically even when not intended to function, but their purpose is to secure the shutters.

Ring Pulls are easily forgotten, but absolutely neccessary if you want truly functional shutters. They are used to hold the shutters while you close them, since you couldn't grab an edge to hold the shutters while locking them.

Those are the 5 neccessary pieces to create functional shutters. For more information, view our Hardware FAQ or call us at 1-800-423-2766 with specific questions, and we'll be happy to guide you!