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Porch Enclosure Systems

Almost everybody has a porch or deck for enjoying outdoor living. But, did you know that there are companies that make systems designed to enclose these spaces while still maintaining that outdoor "porch" feeling? We all know about the bees in our wine, mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, flies walking on our food, sun burning our skin and wind blowing our hair. Now there's something you can do about it while adding to the beauty and energy efficiency of your home. Purchase a porch system consisting of posts & panels designed to accommodate screens, storm glass and architectural inserts for a more stylish visual flavor! You can simply go online and search for 'porch systems' and find several companies making pre-engineered packages. I discovered one that actually offers a design wizard that does most of the work for you. Visit the website of Vixen Hill Manufacturing to see what possibilities exist. Other companies offer four season enclosures, which work better in the Winter, but sacrifice that outdoor porch feeling. Either way, research your options for improving your outdoor space. You'll be glad you did.