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Naming Garden Structures

Nearly 40 years ago Chris Peeples started an unusual manufacturing company named Vixen Hill. It was unusual because it's goal was to build traditional garden structures for direct sales to homeowners. Furthermore, these garden structures were to be designed for 'handy homeowner' installation yet required to be of uncompromised quality. With a background in physics and computer science, Mr. Peeples began redesigning numerous traditional structures known by a variety of names. Kiosks, follys and gazebos seemed really to be the same type structures. Arbors and pergolas were often referred to interchangeably. Then there were cabanas, sheds and garden houses. Since Vixen Hill was trying to sell consumer familiar products, naming and defining these garden structures was the first order of business.

It was decided that smaller roofed structures with more than four sides would be Gazebos. Smaller roofed structures with four sides would be Cabanas. Small open roof structures for entry ways would be arbors while larger versions for climbing plants and outdoor furniture would be Pergolas. Large 'Parkitecture' gazebos would be called Pavilions. And if the structure was enclosed for varied utility, such as storage, outdoor living or vending "kiosk", it was called a Garden House. To this day, the names have become vernacular and offer a clear picture to the consumer when he wants to order site furnishings for their garden.