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Lasting Forever with Vixen Hill

It is human nature to create monuments celebrating ones own existence. Those who build heritage homes to be passed on to their children often select products and materials that won't be burdens to them nor their children in their lifetimes. Among traditional natural materials like cedar and copper that have proven their long term worth, there now exists synthetic wood made from milk cartons and painted aluminum roofing made mostly from recycles aluminum cans. Which ones will most likely 'last forever" and which should you afford as you claim your piece of immortality?

In grammar school in the 60's I was told that plastics last forever, redwood was a wood that didn't rot and asphalt shingle roofs were 'the cat's meow'. In 1980, I started a garden structures business using cedar, a redwood wannabe, for the main structure and copper where necessary if desired. Vixen Hill was my company and even my accessory items, such as shutters offered copper capping, much the same as my gazebos offered copper roofing. The combination had spectacular results in durability. Along came Azek, Trex and plastic shingles made to look like real ones. Customers remembered that plastic lasts forever and began demanding last-forever-plastic gazebo and shutters. What they didn't realize was that plastic changes over time ... remember your lily-white computer monitor? And when it changes, it's off to the landfill. This doesn't happen with real wood, especially cedar, ... and copper lasts forever too. After 37 years, Vixen Hill still builds it's products out of the world's finest western red cedar while offering copper roofing. That's what Vixen Hill does to build a luxury to last a lifetime. Buy smart. Buy proven materials when spending on items for posterity. After 37 years our customers are still enjoying their Vixen Hill products.