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In the early 1980's Vixen Hill introduced cedar wood for use in their new line of traditional wooden shutters. Although the wood was not a native species to the northeastern United States, western red cedar was simply the best material to use for this outdoor product, so Vixen Hill Manufacturing imported it from British Columbia. Cedar wood was both light and strong while being dimensionally stable, thus reducing the wood's tendency to crack and twist. Furthermore, cedar is both rot and insect resistant. Vixen Hill even took it a step further using vertical grain instead of flat grain that can peel like an onion. The result were light-weight yet strong shutters that didn't distort under their own weight like old oak ones had. And, paint adhesion to the vertical grain using oil based paints was superior to that on hardwoods. Vixen Hill's new cedar standard has been imitated worldwide but never equaled. Hundreds of styles can be ordered online with Vixen Hill's first interactive shutter designer.